4 Advantages Of Offering Wash And Fold Services

4 Advantages Of Offering Wash And Fold Services

Offering full-service laundry options is an excellent way for your business to stand out and grow. However, for your venture to succeed, it will require additional energy, time, and, above all, the capital. Even then, it all comes down to the Girbau North America coin operated washer used, customer base, your specific budget, as well as your business goals. Also, be sure to consider the customers and the community around you, and what the competitors are doing. Additionally, consider whether or not you want to offer a new service.

How Wash and Fold Laundry Services Work

Coin op laundry businesses offer services that help launder customers’ clothes. Such services are highly convenient as clothes are washed using commercial machines to ensure supreme cleanliness. Next, the clothes are folded neatly before they’re returned to customers. Since the clothes are handled by professionals, this takes away customers’ worry, as they know the laundry is handled safely and expertly.

Increases revenue opportunities

The main benefit of offering any special services to your laundry business is added revenue opportunities. In general, drop-off services are normally charged per pound hence can be very profitable when you correctly market the service as well as reach the right client base. As such, the level of success and profitability of wash and fold laundry ventures will depend on your customers along with the efficiency level of your process.

Reach new customers

Also known as fluff and fold service – wash and fold service often reaches a different audience compared to traditional self-serve laundry businesses. Regular laundromat customers historically were from lower-income renters and families as reported by the Coin Laundry Association. Even then, laundry pick-up and drop-off services are often priced slightly higher and are thought of more as luxury services. Therefore, you’re likely to reach more customers with the extra wiggle room in their budgets for these ‘convenience’ purchases. Offering your services to a new customer base can be beneficial for your laundry business. That’s because it can help you continue fostering brand recognition and awareness in the community you serve.

Stand out in the industry

Offering fluff and fold services in your laundry store is an excellent way to ensure you stand out from your competitors. Also, if you’re the only one offering pick-up and drop-off services, you can make a name for your business as the only local place offering full-service laundry. When the competition in your areas offers the same services, you still can find ways to do it better. Also, you can even market your services so that it sets you apart.

Professional Results

Laundry businesses offering the wash and fold laundry service use equipment that leaves customers’ clothes clean and smelling fresh. This ensures customers don’t have to worry about their clothes becoming ruined. Such laundry stores offer specialized services like dry cleaning and even taking care of laundry that requires specialized handling like flat drying sweaters. Moreover, the laundry store staff understands the different washing requirements for instance the right temperatures for washing. Thus they’ll be keen on color separation.

As you consider ways you can better serve your customers and grow your laundry business, you could consider offering fluff and fold services. This additional service is a great opportunity for your business. However, the decision should not be taken lightly.

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