5 pointers to know about Virginia’s worker’s compensation 

5 pointers to know about Virginia’s worker’s compensation 

Dealing with the aftermath of an on-the-job injury is never easy. In Virginia, you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits if you were injured at work. This is a no-fault insurance system, and all employers are required to have worker’s compensation benefits for all employees. Even when you are responsible for the accident, you can claim compensation for your injuries. In this quick Virginia injury guide, we are discussing some key pointers. 

  1. You cannot sue your employer. While all employers must have worker’s compensation insurance, they also have some sort of immunity. Injured workers cannot directly sue their respective employers, even when the employer was partly responsible for the accident. 
  2. You can take legal action in some circumstances. If your employer retaliates against you because you filed a worker’s compensation claim, or you were wrongfully terminated after getting injured, you could take legal action. Remember that these circumstances have to be valid enough to sue your employer. 
  3. You have to seek medical care. Do not let anyone tell you that your injuries are minor, or you don’t need to check with an injury doctor. Immediately after the workplace accident, check with a doctor and get an overview of your injuries. Your doctor should be the person advising you on your recovery period and the medical care needed. 
  4. You have limited time to seek worker’s compensation benefits. You are responsible for informing your employer about your injury, and you should do so within 30 days from the date of the accident. As for filing the Claim form with the Commission, you have to do so within the deadline set by the statute of limitations. You have two years to file the claim. 
  5. You should consider hiring a lawyer. Although you can file your worker’s compensation claim on your own, getting an attorney on your side is always a wise idea. Insurance companies work for their profits and don’t care if you get a fair settlement. The claims adjuster will try their best to undermine your losses and injuries. Get a lawyer on your side to know the worth of your claim. 

Final word

Don’t shy away from discussing the worth of your worker’s compensation claim with an attorney. It doesn’t have to cost anything, and most law firms in Virginia charge a contingency fee, which means you don’t have to pay the lawyer right away. Check online now to find a reliable worker’s compensation lawyer for your claim.  

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