AccessiBe- Making Business Websites Accessible to Users with Disabilities

AccessiBe- Making Business Websites Accessible to Users with Disabilities

There are several users on the Internet with disabilities,and governments of most nations have made it legally compulsory for business sites to be accessible to them. Though the task of web accessibility for all users sounds easy, business owners face challenges when it comes to keeping their sites in compliance with these regulations and arresting web accessibility issues. If any business fails to comply with the above regulations, it is liable to costly lawsuits against it.

AccessiBe – What are the key challenges business owners face?

Business owners, both owners of large and small companies, need to resort to manual processes to arrest web accessibility and compliance issues. They hire skilled web developers to evaluate their sites and fix problems in this process. The process is time-consuming and, depending upon the number of web pages, costly as well.

Unlike their larger counterparts, small business owners have fewer human resources and funds to engage in the above process on a regular basis. They resort to DIY methods to fix issues, which in turn costs their companies dear. The subject of web accessibility is a complex arena, and in case a single detail is overlooked by any business owners, costly litigations follow suit.

The advent of AccessiBe is all set to change all the above problems to make web accessibility a simple and seamless affair. This tool is equipped with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan websites and arrest problems related to web accessibility and compliance. When it comes to its functioning, the tool has to be installed on the browser, and it works automatically to check each web page to detect accessibility errors to fix them.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it does not tamper with the source code of your site. It just works with a snippet of the JavaScript of your site and does the rest. Even when you upload new content on your site, the tool scans it every 24 hours and makes the desired adjustments instantly.

No maintenance costs from your end

If you are thinking about the costs of maintenance for this innovative tool, you will be happy to know there is nothing you need to do. The creators of this tool ensure it is updated at regular intervals and the errors fixed. So, this means once you install it on your site, you can just forget about it and let the tool do the rest.

AccessiBe has effectively mitigated several challenges of the past faced by business owners. Gone are the days when fixing compliance and web accessibility issues were expensive.

Now, the single installation of this tool will sort out problems in a faster and cost-effective manner. As a business owner, you can choose pricing plans available for your convenience. You can ensure the web pages are compliant with ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

In fact, you also get an Accessibility Statement under 48 hours with a full report on your site. This assures you that your business site is available to everyone, including users with disabilities, and you can also tap into more sales opportunities with them!

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