Buy Your Engagement Ring at a Pawnshop for a Wonderful Proposal 

Buy Your Engagement Ring at a Pawnshop for a Wonderful Proposal 

You are planning to propose, and of course, you want the best biggest ring to symbolize your love. However, reality hits home fast as buying engagement rings is a fortune. You find stores marking up their merchandise up to 300% or more. 

So what should you do? Well, you can always go to pawn shop Melbourne providers. Therefore, you can get a more affordable quality and beautiful ring with meaning than your store brand diamond rings. Okay, we got you—What about the myths surrounding second hand store bought engagement rings.

Stay a while longer to find out more about buying your engagement ring second hand here.  

Symbolizing Your Love with an Engagement Ring 

Whether you buy a brand new or second-hand engagement ring, it still symbolizes your love as it is a commitment between two people’s love for each other. However, not only does the ring represent your love, it reminds you of the proposal. Lastly, the engagement ring becomes an heirloom passed down in generations. 

The Myths around Buying a Pawn Shop Engagement Ring 

Many believe a pawnbroker can provide people with a fast cast selling their gold jewellery. To some extent, it is true but not always the only reason why people pawn their expensive jewellery. Thus, myths have cropped up when buying jewellery such as an engagement ring. 

You get negative energy from pawnshop rings! 

Okay, you think people selling a gold diamond engagement ring are because a couple broke up, not ending in marriage. The truth is as couple’s age in marriage, they opt in buying another set of rings or inherited family jewels from their parents. They end up selling it to a pawnshop to get their money worth. Not all engagement ring sets end up being sold as a relationship failed. 

You only get low-quality engagement rings at a pawn shop. 

This is one of the most stubborn myths, and the truth is you can miss a fantastic piece of jewellery that is one of a kind. First, pawnbrokers only buy quality with value. Did you know that when you visit a jeweller, many diamonds are recycled? Thus, that diamond could have been in another person engagement ring. Lastly, buying a second-hand gold diamond ring sold to a pawnshop, the value of a genuine diamond never fades. 

Pawnshop rings look tacky! 

You can find a wide selection of diamond engagement rings set in gold to platinum sold to pawnbrokers. Many of the jewellery sold by pawnshop Melbourne providers are classic as nothing goes out of style. The best part is you can buy your engagement ring at a pawnbroker at affordable prices and have it re-cut to make it look modern.

Buying Your Engagement Ring at a Pawn Shop Melbourne Has Many Benefits 

Now that all the myths are taken care of. Discover the beautiful options of buying your engagement ring at a pawnshop with all its benefits. 

  • Buying a pawn shop ring is cheaper than getting one at a jewellery store. Why spend a fortune on a ring if you can get it at an affordable price and it still looks fantastic. 
  • You can get a quality ring guaranteed. While the purchase is pre-owned, it still provides you value as you pay a fraction of the price with a validation certificate. 
  • You can find unique yet vintage timeless pieces sold to pawnshops, making it a worthy option to invest in. Therefore, you can discover platinum-palladium to silver diamond engagement rings. 
  • Buying from pawnshops is faster as the process is easy, and you need not wait weeks for a ring to be customized. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, when you buy a second-hand engagement ring sold by another person to a pawnshop, it does not bring you bad luck. On the contrary, when you visit a pawn shop Melbourne provider, you can find good deals, and you are free to negotiate a reasonable price. Once you find a perfect proposal ring and cannot afford it, trade-in your old jewellery with the cash on hand to pay the pawnbroker. 

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