Can Bicycle Accidents Severely Injure You? 

Can Bicycle Accidents Severely Injure You? 

Whether it be a car, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, the intensity of the accident determines the severity of the injuries. Crashing into a wall, a street lamp, or a vehicle can harm a victim adversely.  

When trying to get compensation for a bicycle accident, a victim must prove that the accident occurred, injuries were due to the accident, and the opposite party was negligent. Establishing these elements requires solid evidence, and collecting this alone is challenging. This is where a Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer can help you. Moreover, a lawyer can also help you build a strong argument. 

Injuries that may occur in a bicycle accident. 

Bicycle accidents in Fort Wayne frequently result in minor injuries like cuts, lacerations, bruises, and mild bleeding. However, if the victim gets crashed by a vehicle or a bicyclist crashes into a wall at high speed, these can result in severe injuries, and if not treated in time, the injuries can lead to long-term complications. 

  1. Brain injuries.

The brain is the most sensitive organ of the human body; any injury can result in unpredictable outcomes. If the victim notices a headache, they should get immediate medical help as a headache possibly indicate a brain injury. 

  1. Spinal injuries. 

Disc herniations or nerve compression can irritate the nerve roots exiting from the spinal cord and lead to radiating pain with a tingling sensation. If a victim fails to get medical help in time, they might have permanent paralysis or nerve damage. 

  1. Fractures. 

Breaking bones is the most frequent injury encountered by a victim in bicycle accidents. Getting the proper treatment and adequate rest and exercise can help deal with a broken bone. 

  1. Internal bleeding. 

A sudden intense blow can damage the structures present inside the body. A victim may suffer from organ damage and internal bleeding. Moreover, if a rib bone breaks, it could pierce the heart, lungs, or nearby structures and lead to organ damage. 

  1. Bone dislocations. 

Another common injury reported is dislocation of the shoulder and hip joint bones. If the dislocation is severe, it could damage the nearby vessels or nerve; otherwise, it is curable and does not cause significant damage. 

What to do after a bicycle accident? 

Once you have managed to get medical assistance, before giving a statement or saying anything to anyone associated with the at-fault party, get in touch with your lawyer. Your lawyer will guide you on what has to be done. A lawyer’s expertise and knowledge are highly beneficial when filing a claim or getting compensation out of the court.

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