Choosing the Right Product Labels

Whether you are a long-standing business or a new entrepreneur, it is important to choose the right product label because it is an important aspect of selling to customers. Product Label Design Adaptation can sometimes be considered an afterthought by many people, but it is an important aspect of branding, product identification, and storytelling. When a product has no label, it becomes hard for a customer to know what it is, the ingredients, nutritional benefits, flavours, etc. The label has printed information that can play a big part in the decision-making of the consumer based on information.

Importance of Labels

Whether you are in the beauty, food and packing industry, candles, or cosmetics, one thing is clear, the labels are used for more than just displaying the ingredients.

Businesses have realized that they can use product labels as advertisements to share their brand values and also transform their products with eco-friendly and trendy labels.

Types of Product Labels

There has been a big growth in the product labels market and it has gone beyond the use of paper. Today, the packaging labels are made with the type of product in mind. A product gets a unique label that is based on where it is sold, the distributor, the type of industry, and more. When you are researching the right packaging label for your product, you need to begin by looking at the product first. Below are the different types of labels commonly used within popular industries.


The labels are imprinted on a polymer plastic film which is then going to be used on a container that has a unique shape. It is also a high-impact graphic. This is a common label that is used on bottled beverages like water or soda and even household cleaning products.

Pressure sensitive

These are very adaptable and mostly used commercially. They can be used in any combination of printing methods and techniques. This type of labelling can be used on any kind of tube, bottle, or jar.


These labels are the most durable compared to the other types. The most common products that use this type of labelling are laundry detergent bottles. They are great for warning labels because of their durability.


These labels usually have an exclusive shape that is custom-made. They are also used for uniquely shaped packages, label panels, and containers.


They use synthetically treated and heat-sensitive media that will darken when it goes under a warm printhead. These labels are commonly used for pharmaceuticals, shipping, food and bakery, price tags, product labelling, and barcodes.

Essential Oil Bottles Product Labels

Essential oils fall into niche products that need a different type of label that is going to convey the quality of the product and also not get damaged easily. Essential oils usually use oil-proof or waterproof labels because it prevents damage or deterioration that makes it hard for a person to read the ingredients.

Waterproof labels are important because they preserve product integrity even if they are in an environment where they come in contact with liquids like water. You can use printed labels on a roll to feed automatic application or for easy application and storage on your product, packaging or collateral. These labels are used for labelling products that are used in bathrooms or kitchens or label items that are going to be stored, used, or displayed outdoors.

Candle Jar Labels that Make Products Pop

Different types of candle jars allow you to be creative with the labelling to make it stand out. The label needs to reflect the brand, colour scheme, and mission so it draws in customers to your products.

Getting creative with the packaging whether you are looking for innovative candle designs or in the beauty industry is a good idea. Something you need to always have in mind is the consumer type. There is no need to forfeit the brand aesthetic for a label that isn’t suited to the product.

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