Do You Know How Can You Safely Operate a Grease Gun?  

Do You Know How Can You Safely Operate a Grease Gun?   

People regularly use high-pressure type grease guns without comprehending their potential for significant injury in workshops, factories, and garages. Consequently, many terrible hand injuries are reported each year.

In this article, we will talk about the procedures a grease gun (กระบอก อัด จาร บี. Term in Thai) operator needs to follow to reduce safety hazards. It is intended for workplace managers and employers who should make sure that all workers are fully informed of the risk of injury in addition to operators..

Grease guns come in four primary varieties:

    • Manual
    • Battery-operated
    • Air-powered
  • AC electric.

Although each type has got its own distinct set of laws, many universal principles—such as training, proper instrument usage, work area safety, and care apply to all.

1. Battery-operated grease guns

There are lever-action and pistol-grip variants of manual greasers. These well-known devices are frequently used and the least expensive kind of grease gun. Plug-valve sealant guns can produce pressures of up to 15,000 psi, while manual grease guns can only produce pressures of up to 10,000 psi.

2. Air-powered grease guns

Pneumatic or air-powered grease pistols operate a greased piston by applying pressure to an air piston, which pushes lubricant out of the coupler and into a grease fitting. The trigger of the rifle is depressed, releasing a constant stream of lubrication. Pneumatic grease guns typically have a 6,000 psi pressure rating.

3. AC electric grease guns

Grease guns that are AC electric or corded offer a steady flow of grease and are frequently used as an alternative to air-powered tools. Typically, AC electric grease guns have a 7,000 psi rating.

Safe grease gun operation

  • Depending on the kind of nipple encountered, different safety mechanisms are provided for grease gun attachments.
  • For best safety, push-on injectors should be used with hydraulic nipples, which are now most popular.
  • The majority of accidents happen while lubricating flexible brake lines, however, if safety devices are mounted to the gun, it is still possible to complete the task well. In this procedure, a needlepoint that is not protected should not be used.
  • Before utilizing weapons, make sure safety sleeves and grease nipples are clean.
  • If the safety fittings are used and the proper working techniques are employed, grease guns can be operated safely.
  • Make sure the area beneath the car is well-lit.
  • Safety fixtures lessen the threat and chance of catastrophic injury. Avoid being the next person to develop “grease gun finger.”

Personal safety

Wearing personal protection equipment, such as safety glasses, gloves, and non-slip shoes or boots, is advised to assist prevent injuries. Wearing jewellery or clothing that is too loose or torn could become trapped in moving parts.

When utilizing a grease gun, be careful. In order to avoid major personal injury, you should never use any tools while you are fatigued, drunk, or otherwise impaired.

You may increase potential bottom-line benefits from correct grease gun lubrication practices while ensuring worker safety by using good procedures, training, and appropriate tool usage and upkeep.

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