How To Make A Good Looking Podcast Studio

How To Make A Good Looking Podcast Studio

Podcasts used to be purely audio with subscribers treating them as alternative to radio shows. Many would download the latest episodes and listen in their car as they drive. These days, some creators are recording videos as well to add a visual component to their shows. This can attract more subscribers as people can see the hosts and interviewees, as well as any material that they might be talking about. However, it also puts more pressure on the creator to improve the setup. Below are some ideas on how to make a good looking podcast studio:

Eliminate Clutter

Nothing makes a place more unappealing than dirt and clutter. Make sure to clean up the area that will be on camera. Pick a corner where you can place your equipment. Remove everything that is unnecessary. Scrub the floor and the walls. Wipe the surface of the table. Once you install the gadgets, you will notice a lot of cables making the area look messy. Find ways to hide them and bundle them up using cable ties. Aside from improving the visuals, this will also make the studio safer by reducing the risk of tripping accidents.

Simplify Setup

Simple is beautiful when it comes to podcast studios. You do not want the production design to be overly complicated as this would distract from the content, unless you would like that to be part of your show. Most podcasts are focused on the discussion. Many will use bare walls as their background for starters and have nothing but basic equipment as their props. Others take it a notch higher by decorating the walls but maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

Enhance Lighting

Do not record with an open window at the back as this will make it challenging to achieve the right lighting. If you want a consistent look, then close all the blinds and curtains. Experiment with different lighting equipment, settings, and positioning. Try to eliminate harsh shadows by using multiple light sources and diffusers. Use adequate ambient light.

Quality Camera

What you see and what the world sees could be totally different if you use a low quality camera. Invest in a unit that can provide excellent reproduction of all the details. This will give justice to your hard work in setting up a visually appealing podcast studio. Find a camera with a large sensor and superior low light performance.

Inject Personality

As your budget increases and you get more comfortable in front of the camera, you may inject more personality into your background and your wardrobe. You can hang relevant posters and decorate with props. Some people create custom signs of their podcast name and hand these on the wall.

Even if you are not creating a video version of your podcast, it would be worthwhile to improve your studio’s appearance if you plan to invite guests over. Make them feel welcome and comfortable to encourage them to come back. More importantly, make yourself feel great while working to produce better shows.

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