Main Causes Of Roof Leaks

Main Causes Of Roof Leaks

The first thing to stop leaking roofs is identifying where the problem is coming from and using the best service for repairs. So, check out below the main causes of leaks and put an end to them:


One of the main reasons for the appearance of leaks on the roof is the gutter. Extremely important to conduct rainwater; the gutter has a fundamental role in properly functioning the roof. But like any structure, it needs care and maintenance. If the gutter is dirty or clogged, the water accumulates, overflows, and ends up going into the residence in the form of infiltration, leaks, and leakage. The same happens if the gutter is badly positioned, with undulations or incorrect inclination.

Broken Tiles

Another big reason behind roof leaks is shingles. All it takes is a broken, cracked, or poorly positioned tile to cause leaks and infiltrations. However, this is not always easy to discover. Like gutters, shingles need to be watched closely for possible damage. In this case, the ideal is to seek specialized labor to avoid the risk of falls and accidents on the roof.

Improper Roof Slope

A roof with the wrong slope can also have leaking and leaking problems. This is because the slope is responsible for the flow of rainwater and each type of tile needs a minimum slope for this flow to be efficient. Ceramic tiles, such as Roman, French, and Portuguese, require a greater slope, with about 36% angulation. While fiber cement tiles and metal tiles can be installed with a smaller inclination angle, with about 10% to 15%, respectively. It is worth checking if the degree of slope of your roof is correct and, if you notice any irregularities, make the necessary repairs.

Overlapping Tiles

Did you know that overlapping tiles can also cause roof leaks? This inadequate overlap causes moisture and rainwater to penetrate under the tile, reaching the lining and roof slab, thereby generating leaks.

Tiles That Absorb Moisture

A lot of people ignore the fact that some types of shingles absorb more water than they should. With this, the leaks also appear as the moisture reaches the inner side of the roof. Ceramic and concrete tiles absorb water the most. Therefore, it is always valid to plan the waterproofing of this type of tile.

Lack Of Waterproofing

And regarding waterproofing, keeping the roof protected from moisture is also essential to prevent leaks. In addition to treating the tiles, so they do not absorb water, waterproofing also involves the slab, especially in the case of properties that do not have a roof.

Plumbing On The Roof

The cause of the leaking roof could be due to the plumbing that runs through the ceiling and not necessarily with the external covering. To determine this cause, look at the leak’s location and when it appears. Leaks coming directly from the roof are noticed in the presence of rain or immediately after a storm. In the case of a problem with the plumbing, the rain is not the decisive factor in the appearance of the leaks. Always use trusted companies like Guardian roofing services for example when choosing your roof.

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