Navisworks Manage & Navisworks Simulate – Understanding The Difference

In the realm of construction project review and coordination, Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate have emerged as leading software solutions. These powerful tools revolutionise the way construction projects are visualised, reviewed, and coordinated, enabling enhanced collaboration and improved project outcomes. In this article, we will explore Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate in detail, understanding their differences, functionalities, and the benefits they bring to the construction industry.

Section 1: An Overview of Navisworks Manage

The Power of Navisworks Manage

Navisworks Manage is a comprehensive project review software that enables professionals to integrate, review, and analyse project data within a single, unified environment. With its advanced 3D modelling capabilities, clash detection, and coordination tools, Navisworks Manage facilitates effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders. It empowers teams to gain insights into the project’s design, construction sequencing, and clash detection, allowing for better decision-making and improved project coordination.

Key Features of Navisworks Manage

Navisworks Manage boasts an array of powerful features that streamline project review and coordination. These include clash detection, model coordination, 4D construction simulation, and project quantification. Its clash detection feature allows for the identification and resolution of clashes and conflicts between different building systems and components, minimising construction delays and rework.

The model coordination feature enables the aggregation of models from various disciplines into a single federated model, facilitating coordination and visualisation of the entire project. With 4D construction simulation, project teams can simulate the construction process, visualising the project’s progression over time and optimising construction sequencing. Lastly, the project quantification feature enables accurate quantity takeoffs and cost estimation.

Section 2: Exploring Navisworks Simulate

The Versatility of Navisworks Simulate

Navisworks Simulate is a streamlined version of Navisworks Manage, focusing primarily on visualisation and project coordination. It provides project stakeholders with a user-friendly platform to navigate and interact with 3D models, enabling effective communication and coordination. While Navisworks Simulate may not have all the advanced features of Navisworks Manage, it offers a cost-effective solution for visualising and reviewing project data.

Key Features of Navisworks Simulate

Navisworks Simulate offers essential features that enhance project visualisation and coordination. Users can navigate through 3D models, examine model properties, and conduct basic clash detection to identify and address clashes. The software allows for the creation of walkthroughs and flyovers, providing stakeholders with a realistic virtual experience of the project. Furthermore, Navisworks Simulate enables the creation of interactive animations and presentations, facilitating effective communication and stakeholder engagement.

Section 3: Choosing the Right Software Variant

Project Complexity and Requirements

The choice between Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate depends on the complexity and requirements of the project. For large-scale projects with intricate coordination needs and comprehensive clash detection requirements, Navisworks Manage may be the ideal choice. Its advanced features and functionalities provide in-depth project analysis and coordination capabilities. On the other hand, for smaller projects or projects that primarily require effective visualisation and basic clash detection, Navisworks Simulate can offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on essential functionalities.

Collaboration and Team Dynamics

Consider the collaboration dynamics and the composition of the project team when selecting the software variant. If the project involves multiple disciplines and stakeholders who require in-depth coordination and clash detection, Navisworks Manage is recommended. Its advanced features enable seamless collaboration and comprehensive analysis, ensuring efficient communication and coordination among team members. However, if the project team consists of primarily visualizers, stakeholders, or clients who require easy access to 3D models and simplified coordination tools, Navisworks Simulate may suffice.

Section 4: Leveraging the Benefits of Navisworks Software

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Both Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate contribute to improved collaboration and communication throughout the project lifecycle. By providing a unified platform for all project stakeholders to access and review 3D models, these tools facilitate effective communication, fostering better decision-making and minimising errors. Stakeholders can visualise the project’s progress, identify clashes, and coordinate design changes, resulting in enhanced project outcomes.

Streamlined Project Coordination and Clash Detection

One of the key benefits of Navisworks software is its ability to streamline project coordination and clash detection. The clash detection feature allows for the identification of clashes and conflicts early in the design phase, reducing rework and project delays. With the ability to aggregate models from different disciplines into a federated model, teams can coordinate their efforts more efficiently, ensuring seamless integration of various building systems.

Enhanced Visualisation and Stakeholder Engagement

Navisworks software enhances project visualisation and stakeholder engagement. The user-friendly interface of Navisworks Simulate allows stakeholders and clients to navigate and interact with 3D models, providing them with a realistic understanding of the project’s design and progress. This enhances stakeholder engagement and facilitates informed decision-making.

Section 5: Implementing Navisworks in Your Projects

Collaboration and Training

Successful implementation of Navisworks software requires collaboration among project stakeholders and proper training for the team members. Engage all relevant parties early in the project to establish clear communication channels and define project goals. Provide comprehensive training programs to ensure team members are proficient in using the software effectively. This will maximise the benefits of Navisworks software and ensure its successful integration into the project workflow.

Integration with BIM Workflows

Navisworks software seamlessly integrates with Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, enhancing the coordination and collaboration capabilities of BIM projects. By incorporating Navisworks into your BIM processes, you can further streamline project review, clash detection, and coordination, optimising the efficiency and accuracy of the overall project.


Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate are powerful software tools that revolutionise construction project review and coordination. While Navisworks Manage offers advanced features for comprehensive project analysis and coordination, Navisworks Simulate provides a user-friendly platform for effective visualisation and basic clash detection. Choosing the right software variant depends on the project’s complexity, requirements, and the composition of the project team.

By leveraging the benefits of Navisworks software, such as improved collaboration, streamlined coordination, and enhanced stakeholder engagement, construction professionals can optimise their project workflows and achieve successful project outcomes.

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