Nelson Partners Marks Some of the Cyber Security Issues Faced by Companies Today 

Nelson Partners Marks Some of the Cyber Security Issues Faced by Companies Today 

Cyber security measures are extremely vital for all business owners and technology executives today.  Savvy hackers tend to be well-versed with the common vulnerabilities that plague discerning businesses and organization, and do not leave any opportunity to exploit them.  As the ability to access the cyberspace keeps expanding due to tech innovations, the number of cyber security concerns faced by a company might also grow.  Hence, business would need assistance from firms like Ash Nelson Partners Limited to keep their cyber security concerns in check.  They basically are a technology company that maintains key focus on solving cyber security and cyber fraud problems for financial and revenue collecting companies. 

Cyber security attacks can happen on any organization, at any point of time. Some of the most well-known companies of the world have fallen victim to cyber attacks over the years.  But hackers don’t always go just after heavyweights. In fact, one in four data breaches actually involve small businesses, according to reports.  Cyber attacks can be pretty expensive, and preventing them is financially critical.  Here are a few common types of cyber security issues companies face today: 

  • Social engineering:  This is a catch-all term for diverse types of tactics used by hackers to trick people into giving out confidential or sensitive information.  Such types of attacks appear as phishing, more often than not. Phishing attacks basically depend on emails that are designed to look like they come for a legitimate source like bank, business or government agency. When a recipient clicks on the link or tries to open a file within the email, they end up exposing their network to malware.  Such a practice has become pretty sophisticated over the years, which makes it vital for employers to train their staff to understand what such attacks might look like. 
  • Ransomware: The objective of ransomwear is to hold the data of a company hostage until the affected user pays a certain sum of money, which can often be pretty hefty. These attacks might use emails to penetrate a system, or can be initiated by visiting an infected website and clicking on an online ad with malicious code. Prevention of such attacks would require getting system vulnerabilities, and training employees to be cautious in regards to the websites visited by them. 

Cloud computing issues have also become pretty common today, as many companies have started storing vital data on the cloud. The odds of organizations, regardless of their size, having their data compromised increases as the number of devices that store confidential data on the cloud increases. Cloud storage and Internet of Things (IoT) have exposed business to new vulnerabilities.  Hence, it has become vital for business to create security plans that take such new security threats into consideration, rather than just protecting business computers and mobile devices. Getting touch with Ash Nelson Partners Limited or similar companies that can help a business manage their cyber security concerns is extremely important. 

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