SEC Focus on Communication Compliance

SEC Focus on Communication Compliance


Business firms’ tasks requires physical operations before, but when it comes to financial firms, it was demonstrated that hybrid and remote work set-ups are possible without this. Adopting flexible solutions such as using communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex helped people in the industry to survive the remote collaboration. Widespread adoption of platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram for work-related communication increased tremendously. 

With this changes, the regulatory bodies such as SEC and FINRA to amend existing compliance rules and introduce updated ones that addresses the needs of hybrid working models. Regulators believed that this would encourage registered businesses to take greater measures to ensure compliance with digital communication technology, since fraud, identity theft, mobile data leakage are rampant digitally. The SEC was established to protect investors in the United States securities market. It has updated its enforcement efforts in order to ensure that businesses have adequate monitoring and archiving systems for business communications.

The SEC regularly conducts periodic sweeps as well as unexpected audits about firm it suspects to have an issue in complying with the regulatory requirements. 

Recent and Modern Communication Employee Communication Methods

In recent years, a lot of media platforms emerged as an effective business collaboration platform. But the regulations bodies before did not include the personal use of media platforms and was not subject to FINRA regulations. This highlights the importance of distinguishing the use of personal and business-related communicating context. 

Then came the era where employees were allowed to use mobile messaging platforms for communicating. This became a challenge for regulatory bodies since the need to monitor them and archive their business-related communication became more vital. 

To combat this, firms need to comply with regulatory requirements. Mobile compliance such as Telegram archiving and other reliable archiving solution is vital to protect you and your mobile data from possible cyber-attacks and malicious threats. 

If you are using corporate and BYOD devices, telegram call recording and other instant message archiving is necessary since it is essential to preserve all the encrypted communication. 

To learn more about how SEC focus on communication compliance, read this infographic from TeleMessage.




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