The History and Significance of Challenge Coins 

The History and Significance of Challenge Coins 

Suppose you are born and brought up in a military or first responder family. In that case, you are familiar with challenge coins military that is awarded for bravery, merit, promotion, or for meeting a luminary. They are beautiful souvenirs, but their significance is mysterious, and it becomes more unexplained if it comes as a gift from a near and dear one. In coin collection, a challenge coin uniquely crafted represents an organization or memorable event. It is an embodiment of the achievement of the recipient of the coin or comradeship of a unit. It is an informal acknowledgement of admiration, instilling pride in the receiver. 

Embodiment of Unity 

Some corporate have started giving challenge coins to instigate motivation and enhance morale or for branding purposes. Many believe to own a challenge coin is to earn it, but receiving a challenge coin is a unique experience and form a brotherhood with those who have received it. It is a testimony of service, and the ordeal one undergoes through it. Commonly one receives a challenge coin for being a member of an organization, meeting a dignitary, valor, attending a special occasion or for accomplishment. 

The Background 

You can buy a challenge coin, but it steals away its milieu, thus the significance. The background of the reason for bestowing of challenge coin makes it uniquely memorable. Traditionally a challenge coin is given through a covert handshake; a commanding officer or superior hands out the medal in public or private. This tradition is assumed to have started in Second Boer War; the British mercenaries were not entitled to receive official medals. The superiors received the medal for their gallantry. Some believed it was iniquitous; they stole and gave it to the apt owner through a covert handshake. 

Custom Design

You can custom design a challenge coin to commemorate one`s bravery or achievement and present it to the person. Each challenge coin is uniquely crafted to make it outstanding. You will find the varied design of coins from the makers, but your creativity will add a dash of love and appreciation for the receiver. Irrespective of the material of the coin, check the dimension. The craftsmen design the coins so it appears larger than actual with luster.

Moreover, you can add some functionality to the challenge coin. Incorporating an existing cut out at the coin’s edge can make it a bottle opener. Your innovation can always be manifested in the coin by skilful artists.

The Origin 

No history is recorded about the emergence of challenge coins, but widely assumed it started among soldiers. In ancient Rome, these coins were given to soldiers for their bravery on the battlefield. Some historians assert these coins were imprinted with the unit`s crest making a souvenir for the soldier. Another narrative seems like a myth that dates back to WWI. An Allied power officer marked bronze medals with the crest of the flight squadron and circulated among crew members. One of the unit members was shot by Germans, but he escaped to France. He was taken prisoner, presuming a German spy, but the engraved medal saved him from execution. 

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