The Truth about Vishnu Reddy Being CEO of Hogar Controls 

The Truth about Vishnu Reddy Being CEO of Hogar Controls 


VISHNU REDDY, who poses as the Hogar Controls CEO has been a habitual felon who defrauded the company’s founders and unlawfully assumed control of the business. In the past, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Malikireddy also known as Vishnu Reddy engaged in such unlawful and fraudulent acts with a few other enterprises. 

As a global businessman, Vishnu Reddy Hogar controls promotes himself through the sale of false information, participation in false business transactions, involvement in false business acquisitions, and theft of others’ labor. He furthers this false story via self-promotion, via paid media stories and paid PR. 

The truth is that at the beginning of 2014, Karan and Vijay Kumar formed HOGAR CONTROLS. By 2020, they will have a sizable share of the market in India and other countries for the IOT, Home Automation, and Smart Home Market. Thanks to their combined industry expertise, tenacity, futuristic vision, and unique product designs of superior quality. 

A US non-resident Indian named Vishnu Reddy, who owns an HR staffing firm, engaged as a partner for the growth of US business but is accused of deceiving the company’s founders, Karan Kumar and Vijay Kumar, before taking over control of the India-based company in 2021 – HOGAR CONTROLS INDIA PVT. Vishnu Reddy declared himself as HOGAR CONTROLS CEO despite having no training or expertise in the IOT or smart home industries. He then began executing his illogical business plans, which proved devastating for the firm within a short period of time. 

He engaged in several unethical commercial tactics, making a mockery of himself. He sacked skilled employees and replaced them with his own ineffective teams, avoided paying vendor dues, and falsified the balance records of the business. He instructed his inept technical staff to produce copies of the original items after they failed to design any new products. He imposed slavery-related regulations on workers because of concern that they might reveal the knowledge to the public. 

The financial sheets were manipulated to conceal criminal money laundering, used his own shell businesses to book phoney sales in order to artificially boost the company’s turnover and valuation to draw investors and bank financing. 


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