Tips and Tricks – Designing Custom Logo Mats

Tips and Tricks – Designing Custom Logo Mats

No matter whether you’re planning to open a new business or give your current office a makeover, a custom Logo mat is an essential part of your space. Logo mats provide free advertising and help to create a welcoming environment.

Choose the Right Type of Logo Mat

Before you begin worrying about colors and branding placements, you will need to determine what kind of floor mat is best for you. Each type of floor mat will meet different needs, and some may have design limitations. There are enough designs to satisfy almost all your needs, but it’s best to be aware of the design process.

Here is a list highlighting the most popular types of branded flooring mats and their different functions.


These mats have more cushioning for comfort and better standing. They are an excellent choice for hair salons and barbershops, close to reception areas and everywhere else where people might spend time standing.

Logos on anti-fatigue mats do not stretch to the full length and width, but they are available in full-color photographic quality. Because these mats are thicker than the average doormat, beveled edges are often included to prevent accidental tripping. Just sweep the surface with a brush or use a water hose to clean your ant fatigue mat.

Promotional Mix

Promotional mats work well to get customers’ attention about special products or offers you have. Some promotional mats allow you to photograph the product and offer unlimited color options.

Promotional mats have the advantage of being portable. Place them in your store aisles, near the point-of-sale displays, or in front of your booth at tradeshows to generate more business.

Waterhog mats

Waterhog is another type of carpeted mat that is very popular. It has a distinct waffle surface pattern. The fiber pattern allows for easy cleaning of shoes and people walking across it. The mats can also hold more than one gallon of water per square foot, making them excellent at capturing water from rain and snow.

Waterhog mats are extremely popular due to the fact that you can select from a wide range of colors. These mats have great versatility and can be used outdoors and indoors in many different settings.

Keep This Proportional

You can avoid looking weird when designing your custom logo mat. You want people to associate the mat with the brand, not that it looks strange in the room.

Always measure your room or entryway, and consider the surrounding features, such as furniture and overhangs. A small mat placed right in front of one door may look good, but a smaller mat placed next to a large two-door could look too small. The mat can be used by everyone, regardless of how many people enter the space.


Once you’ve identified the purpose of your rug and the space that it will take up, you can choose the logo for your mat. You should always review any branding guidelines your company has before ordering.

Choose a mat with high contrast, even if there are several options for your company. It is also a good idea that you avoid using light-colored backgrounds, as they will show dirt easier.

It’s also smart to match your branding and mat’s orientation. If your mat is large enough to fit in front of two doors, you can place your logo on one side. For a portrait-style doormat, it may be necessary to separate your company’s name by placing the logo on the top or bottom.

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