Top Immigration Tips You Must Know

Top Immigration Tips You Must Know

Every year, thousands of people apply for a visa in the U.S. Out of these thousands of applications, only a few hundred are accepted. Most visa applications are rejected due to incomplete documents and irrelevant paperwork. Although, there are several other reasons why your visa application may get rejected. 

In such cases, you should know some of the top Immigration tips. These tips will not only prepare you for the visa application process but ensure your readiness for moving to a different country altogether. You should contact a Dallas family immigration attorney to get assistance regarding your Immigration journey c

Let us learn some essential immigration tips for your betterment: 

  • Visa petitions 

Filing multiple visa petitions is one of the most effective immigration tips. Irrespective of your application being about a green card or an immigrant visa, you must file for multiple petitions with the help of your family member. You should also know more than one family member of yours can be used for the petition. You should maximize the number of petitions with the help of family members. Such factors ensure that at least one of your applications is accepted. 

  • Application copies 

The USCIS is known for losing paperwork frequently. It is not their fault; thousands of applications get piled up, which could lead to misplacement. Your application may be needed in the future. Hence, each applicant must maintain multiple copies of their application. 

Apart from application copies, the applicant must send copies to the USCIS by certified mail. The applicant must also maintain the return receipt of the mail. If your paperwork gets lost or misplaced, you can send your documents again if you keep multiple copies. 

  • Appointments

The applicant must be on time for their appointment with the USCIS. One can experience lengthy procedures or long delays during the immigration process. If the applicant reaches out late to their meeting, the procedure’s wait and length can further increase. 

Sometimes, the applicant or the immigrant can get deported if they call late for their appointment with the USCIS or the embassy. Immigration and visa processes strictly follow deadlines. Hence, each applicant should be punctual. 

  • Address changes

Each immigrant staying in the U.S. for more than 30 days must notify the USCIS about their address change. The applicant must notify the USCIS within ten days of the change of address. The immigrant must provide a separate or individual notice for each family member, including children. The immigrant should complete the form for change of address by filing the Form AR-11 online and mailing it to the USCIS. 

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