What Are The Best Fields For Foreign Investors In Turkey?  

What Are The Best Fields For Foreign Investors In Turkey?   

The beautiful country of Turkey gained its name in the investment sector for its dynamic, young, and skilled human resources. In this country, of about 80 million, the government ensures incentives, exemption of taxes, and free zones for allocation, which seek the interests of foreign investors. Its strategic geo-political location and expectancy of high profits suit the preference of the global market. Thus, a company formation in Turkey is an incredible choice by foreigners.

Explore The Most Profitable Sectors for foreign investors

  • Investment in real Real estate and construction 

It is a significant field for the booming economy of Turkey. 

The increase in population and city renovation marks this sector’s growth. Foreign investors can also apply for citizenship in Turkey if they invest the required amount for qualification.

  • IT Sector And Technology

Turkey initiated an interest in the research and development of technology recently. Most Turkish universities possess a technology department that marks foreign investors’ involvement.

  • Tourism In Turkey

Turkey’s beautiful locations make it a centre of attraction in the tourism industry. UNESCO protects some of its natural areas of massive historical importance. Thousands of satisfied foreigners visiting the country also invest in this field for company registration in Turkey.

  • Textile And Readymade Clothes

Turkish textile provides good quality and richness in clothing materials. They meet all the requirements of flourishing in the global market. Turkey’s location between Europe and south-western Asia puts this industry in high demand attracting investors for its vibrancy. 

  • The Health Sector Of Turkey

Foreign investors take significant interest in the health sector in Turkey due to its rapid population growth with the emergence of economic development. It also draws their attention as they can get top-quality medical services at an affordable price. Investing in health gives good returns and generates good income for Turkey. 

Investment in Turkey benefits every investor, and it boosts global economic growth. Thus, company establishment in Turkey has many perks and advantages. If you’re still unclear about where or how to invest in Turkey, take the assistance of Foreign Operation Consultancy. They can help you with their valuable service in company formation in Turkey.


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