When Do You Need to Hire Laundromat Staff?

When Do You Need to Hire Laundromat Staff?

When you’re starting your own laundromat, several things come to mind, and it shouldn’t only be about investing in the right equipment or commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts! One significant consideration is whether or not you should hire laundromat staff.

Some laundromat business models can work perfectly on their own, while others require further supervision, which can be from the business owner or employees. Let’s take a deeper look at staffing needs for laundromats.

Different Employee Needs

Self-serve laundromats may not require as many employees compared to wash, dry, and fold services. But regardless of the business model, you must still be able to provide stellar customer service and ensure your equipment and dexter laundry parts continue to run smoothly.

Some signs it may be time to hire laundromat staff are if you notice that your equipment breaks down more often, if your facility isn’t clean, or if you run out of certain supplies, like laundry detergent.

Adding to that, pick-up and delivery services would have different staffing needs compared to self-serve laundromats. You must hire someone reliable and who can handle inquiries, along with someone to fetch and deliver laundry.

When your business continues to grow, you must reassess your staffing needs. That way, you can ensure your laundromat runs smoothly and all your customers are satisfied.


Should You Hire More Staff?

Hiring more employees to work in your laundromat shouldn’t be a hasty decision, nor something to take lightly as this can affect your business in the long run. Here are the following factors to consider when it comes to deciding if it’s worth hiring employees for your business:

  • The kind of laundromat business model you run on
  • Your overall budget: Make sure you have the appropriate financial resources and calculate how much it will be to hire new staff
  • Customer base: If you have received more negative customer reviews recently, it may be time to hire additional staff
  • Business goals: You may want to hire new employees if your goal is to expand the business

When to Hire Staff

Again, it all depends on your laundromat business model. We walk you through the number of employees you’ll need and when you should hire them:

  • Self-Service Laundromats: You will want to have at least one employee working during business hours to restock supplies, clean the facility, and help customers. You may want to hire more employees during times the business is busy.
  • Wash-Dry-Fold Services: There must be at least two employees onsite. One will be washing the clothes and attending to the facility while the other is busy drying and folding clothes. That said, you may need more employees who can pay closer attention to customer service while the others will focus more on providing the wash-fold-dry service and attending to other aspects of the business.
  • Pick-up and Delivery: Similar to wash-dry-fold services, you will want at least 2-3 employees.

Wrapping It Up

Keep all this information in mind as you consider hiring employees for your laundromat business.

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