Which Lucie Chaves Of Radaris Am I Looking For?

Which Lucie Chaves Of Radaris Am I Looking For?

Have you ever felt like you know someone but don’t know their name. Or maybe you need information about a particular someone, whose only name you know. Though the first one may be hard, the latter is quite easy. Easier than it seems at least. There are many people dictionaries that you can use for the same.

If you have someone who you need details about, then you can search up their names through these dictionaries and then know the basic information about them. You may have to narrow it down to a lot more details though. Let’s take a look at Lucie Chaves of Radaris.

11 More People Of The Same Name

Radaris is a popularly used people dictionary in the states. When you search up the name Lucie Chaves, who might be your closest colleague, get ready for some surprise. Cause there are 10 more with the same name as your friend. These names are also distinguished based on the states or cities they come from.

Here, one fact that can help you lock on the right person is the age factor. Or even better is their family background if you know any. What more can we know from Radaris?

Basic Information About The Person

Suppose you need this Lucie’s phone number to get across to them. One way to do it is through shortlisting the right person on Radaris. Though there may be 11 people with the same name, it is not hard to know which one you are particularly looking for with all the data given about them.

Some of the information given will be about their name, age, family background and the place they live. Along with this their phone number is also attached. It is important to note here that this is done through volunteered census survey, so there is no prying of privacy.

How To Confirm On Someone?

If in this case, there are 11 results for Lucie Chavez of Radaris. So to shortlist them you can use the data given within their profiles. Some of them even attach their social media handles and have pictures of themselves as well. 

The pictures are a useful way to sort them out. These profiles also have the recent court cases attached to them. This feature in particular is used by the police department to know one’s law records. Based on these given details, it should be easy to arrive at the right person. 

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